All I really want to do is write…

Fellow aspiring authors I feel your pain! 

I meticulously manage every hour of my day  so as to squeeze in what I feel as mandatory ‘me’ time to focus on my writing.  I have avoided facebook, myspace, twitter, blogging, etc because of the tendency to misplace hours of a day lost in a virtual world where time doesn’t matter.  Now that I stand ready to submit my first work of young adult fiction I find that a blog or facebook page is almost a mandatory step in the road to submission!   While I appreciate the vast knowledge and practicality of the internet and email communication I have to say I have been very disappointed to discover that the precious time that I’ve worked so hard to bank and manage must now be cashed in this way if I want to go forward. 

This is my first entry in this blog that I’ve set up only today (it’s taken over an hour so far…)to continue in my journey towards publication.  Wish me luck!  I think I’m going to need it.


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