Monthly Archives: March 2015


guiltI recently paid what I thought was a lot of money for a webinar on writing.  The GUILT of spending the money has officially set in now that it’s over.  How do I justify the expense of what’s really a hobby at this point?

First of all, writing is my least expensive hobby.   I spend FAR more money on my other hobbies (exercising and reading, among them).  I spend more money than any sane person ever should on books.  And what I pay for exercise videos and athletic clothing/shoes is flat out embarrassing.

Second of all, writing is an affordable hobby.  Imagine the millions of hobbies that I could be spending money on that aren’t nearly as beneficial (power eating, drinking beer, gambling…) and that are, in fact, far MORE expensive than writing (shopping, skiing, traveling…).

Finally, investing in webinars and buying reference books on writing is necessary for me.  I live in a very rural area where there are no writing groups.  I have young kids and a husband that travels for work so going to writing conferences is out of the question.  An online webinar is the best way for an author in my situation to connect with professionals and other authors for encouragement and advice.

Someday I hope to be published.  At that point there will be a LOT of martini’s and a sense of validation and satisfaction for having invested in myself and my dream.  Until then, I’ll swallow the guilt and Keep on Writing!