Bookstores & NanoWriMo


For those of you on the novel journey with me (hi Mom!), when you walk through a bookstore what are your thoughts?  Holy shit, how can all of these people get published but not me? Someone actually published THIS?!  There are too many people writing novels, I’ll never get in the door.  Are there any stories left to write?  (wait…Yes, mine!)  I love books in an unhealthy way.  I can’t afford to buy all of these and still pay my mortgage….

You get the point, I get crazy excited inside a bookstore.  While my emotions are a mix of self-doubt, exhilaration, giddiness and a little bewilderment at times, I’m ultimately only encouraged and re-energized to keep writing.  I live in a small town now and these days when I venture into the ‘big city’ I always go by a bookstore.  (Maybe that’s part of the appeal, too.  The fact that I’m not able to soak up the awesomeness of a bookstore very often).  My timing for refueling (my creative muse)with last weekend’s bookstore visit was perfect because there are only 4 days until NaNoWriMo starts!

Will you be participating in NaNo this year?  I’ve participated for the last four years.  I usually start out gangbusters and make my goals right up until mid-November when Thanksgiving planning takes over my life.  I actually bought a coffee mug this year so maybe that will be the key to my success:-)  (I’m a sucker for a cool coffee mug)

To get you prepared, here’s an article posted today on Writer’s Digest about nanowrimo.

And one more thing that will appeal to you because of course if you write then you love to read.

While I’m a traditionalist when it comes to reading and having an actual book with pages to turn I do own a kindle.  I’ve discovered the bookbub website.  If you aren’t already using it then go check it out.  They have daily specials on books for your digital device.  The prices are deeply discounted and range from $0 to half (or more) off!  You just sign up to receive an email on the daily specials in the genre’s of your choice.  Very cool!

Happy Writing!


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