One Hundred Years of Confusion

pileofbooksI’ve been reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I feel kind of lame because I had to reference Spark Notes to follow the story.  I’ve also had to draw a family tree to keep track of the characters who tend to have the same names.  Double lame!

If you haven’t read this literary masterpiece I do recommend it. The author’s voice is probably like nothing you’ve read before.  The story follows a scattered timetable that is almost more challenging to follow than the repeated use of (variations of) the same names.  In fact, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Marquez had had an editor from today, the novel would have turned out very different.

This novel has it all–love, sex, incest, war, money, insanity, friendship, family, death (murder, suicide, one death by ants, and a few characters die of old-age in their 120’s).  Oh, and there are ghosts and magic, too.  Marquez threw in everything you could possibly want in a story including the kitchen sink.  Whew!

Go check it out.  It will remind you that sometimes ‘outside the box’ actually works. As emerging (YA) authors we’re so focused on making sure we follow all the rules–no prologue! at least 60K words but not more than 80K! first person POV, no wait, make that third person! no f-bombs–unless you really have to–that it’s easy to forget how to enjoy just writing the story.

(Try to) stay true to yourself (a la Marquez) and enjoy writing!  Add One Hundred Years of Solitude to your TBR pile and be inspired.

Happy Writing!



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