Monthly Archives: April 2014

Agent Blessing

Sometimes I need confirmation that my psychotic exercise regimen is working to improve, rather than slowly destroy, my body.  My knees and back are hell bent on stopping me but when I look in a mirror (a very rare glimpse of below the torso landscape) and see that my thighs are a fraction of a millimeter less squished together (it’s like a playdoh sandwich between there) it gives me the drive to keep going.

For me, the writing process requires confirmation, too.  After MANY form rejections, I received a personalized rejection today.  You may wonder why I would be happy about another rejection, but this heaven-sent agent felt that my submission was worth the time it took her to pen me a few paragraphs about the strengths and weaknesses she noticed in my pages.  Her personal response gave me the hope and encouragement to continue this journey.  Thank you, nameless agent!  You made my day!

On a side note…Outside confirmation is important.  But remember all of the hard work you’ve done and provide some of that confirmation to yourself, too.

Read a good book.  Take a day off of your exercise routine (yes, I said it).  Pat yourself on the back and then do it all again!