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YA is cool

A few exciting things…

Inkmaster is on tonight!

My new Cathe Friedrich video should be here today! (Don’t worry, Beachbody, I still love you…:) )

I’ve sent out 25 e-queries.  Yay!  A thought…why can’t every agent get together and request the same submission materials?  I guess for the same reason that Apple can’t keep the same cord for every one of its devices…duh, they don’t have to.

Why I write YA…

I’m a healthcare provider at a university.  Today an 18-year-old student asked me, “So, do I use this inhaler BEFORE or AFTER I smoke?” You have to love the brain of a young person.  Make up some random, absurd thing you think a person would NEVER say or think and BOOM…you’re wrong!  I can promise you that some teen somewhere (possibly in my home) has said or thought those ludicrous words.  And if you concentrate very hard you may find that even you once thought the same way.  It’s what makes YA so fun.

Write on!




Taxes (and some other sad things)

Taxes make me sad.  I’ve been staring at the stack of papers in front of me all day and thinking…what else can I do besides my taxes?  It turns out–A LOT!  (write, exercise, clean the toilets, iron, shave, watch reruns of Will and Grace…so many, many things)

Have you ever looked at Instagram and thought…how does a photographer stay in business anymore?  I have.  Similarly, I have gone to amazon and looked at the endless number of novels and thought…I must be crazy.

As I mentioned in a prior post, I have begun the query process for my third novel.  I’ve sent about 25 queries now and received 8 form rejections.  Setting yourself up for rejection is not an easy thing to do.  While editing my novel I read through all 62,000 words at least 50 times, and the first 3 chapters at least 200 more.  Doubt began to set in at that time: Your writing is dull.  No one but you could find this story interesting.  You will never understand how to show and not tell, why do you try?  Agents everywhere will laugh at you.  You will find chapter one of your novel on an agents blog under, ‘How to NOT write a novel’.   Why didn’t you just stick with dystopian?

The doubt grows with each rejection.  The Type A in me will send out queries to all the agents on my list before I can really move on.  But after I hit the ‘send’ of my baby into the last cyber slushpile,  I’ll find closure to start my next novel.  Which, by the way, I’ve already outlined.

A random thought…’Naked and Afraid’, what the hell?

A sad event occurred last week, collage video, my favorite online exercise video retailer, has gone out of business:(  While I should clearly have stock in, my new favorite exercise video retailer is  Check her out.  She’s hardcore.

Back to taxes (by April 15), writing and exercise (always):)


Queries, a good website, and randomness…

I’ve started sending out queries for my YA novel.  I’ve emailed 6 agents and already received one form rejection.  Ugh.  Depression setting in.

The solution (as always):  intense exercise and more writing.

A website to bookmark:

Go look at this website.  It’s a gold mine for children’s/YA authors.

A couple things to mention…the Olympics are over!  Sad.  The new season of Inkmaster has started.  Yay!

Smile!  Keep Writing!