Monthly Archives: January 2014

Query Workout

I’ve been a little brain dead since completing my third novel, Cadet.  I have allowed myself a few weeks of separation with the novel and am excited to get started on the query process.

I’ve decided that the query adventure is similar to starting a new workout program.  If you’re like me, you send out one or two queries at a time and then take a deep breath and wait a few days.  Then you open up your query letter and tweak it (again) and send out another query and wait.

When I started the last workout program, T25 this time, I had a similar routine.  I assessed the existing material (butt and thighs) and dove into one or two workouts and then reassessed.  I did a few more workouts and waited a few days before re-evaluating.

I’m still waiting for some shrinkage to occur (c’mon Shaun T, we’re friends by now aren’t we?) but I persist through squat after squat and DVD after DVD and tell myself to be patient.  It will happen.

I will be reminding myself to do the same once I hit the first ‘send’ with my query.  Be patient.  It will happen.

In the meantime, keep on writing:)  And exercising!


I Return

I have no GOOD excuse for my lengthy absence but I do have excuses…which I will keep to myself.

Down to business.  The important thing is that I have returned and the essence of my blog has not changed.  I write.  I exercise.

I have completed my third novel! Can I hear a Yay?  Thank you.

I finished the T25 series.  Can I hear another Yay?  Thank you. (Is he gay?  Does it matter?  Do I care?  I can’t decide…)

I have patted myself on the back thoroughly for both and moved on.  I’m here to encourage you to do the same.  Find a way to balance exercise and writing and you will experience happiness (and fulfillment) in both.

Some things to think about…Should I sign up for yet another 1/2 marathon?…Should I try 1st person POV for my next novel?  (I’ve always done third)…Why is it taking so long for the next season of Inkmaster?…Just how long is a ‘brief’ synopsis?…When is it going to warm up outside???

More soon!

Happy Writing!!