Things I Love

What are you passionate about?  What makes you really happy?  What makes you laugh?  Cry?

If a reader doesn’t have a strong emotional connection with your novel (preferably early on) then you’ve probably lost them.

The emotional response doesn’t have to be with the protagonist.  It might be with a secondary character, the setting, or the plot that makes your reader care about what happens next but the reader needs to feel something to want to keep reading.

I find that reflecting on what elicits strong emotional responses in myself is a good reminder of some of the emotions that I’m seeking to tap in to in my readers.

Here’s a brief list of a few things (in no particular order) that I’m emotional about :


2)My Beliefs




6)Book stores

7)Hardware stores


9)Ice Cream

10)Friends that make you laugh so hard you risk peeing in your pants (thank you, Michelle!)

This list focuses on things that I have a positive response about (Alas, I’d be much thinner if cheese made me sad…) but you could just as easily create a list of things that make you angry, sad, or afraid.  Consider why each thing makes you feel a certain way.  (Notice my ‘regular’ job didn’t make this list…hmmm…).

Take a moment to think about the things that you’re passionate about in your every day life.  Then apply some emotion to your writing.

Happy Noveling!


About One Strong Southern Girl

I write fitness tips and reviews on exercise videos. I also write young adult fiction. I love tattoos and books. I exercise...a lot. I'm a parent, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. View all posts by One Strong Southern Girl

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