Just Do It

Going to church.  Exercising.  Writing.  What do they have in common?

Most of us have to kinda make ourselves do these things.  It’s hard to admit to myself that it doesn’t take any self-convincing to find the time to stop for ice cream, shop for a new pair of tennis shoes, or check my email (for the 100th time in an hour); yet, it takes serious dedication to time management to accomplish those things that are priorities in my life.

The good news is that I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when I stay on task and accomplish those things that are most important.  I have never once said, ‘wow, why did I waste that hour working out?’  I have been known to ‘reward’ a good workout with that dreaded stop for ice cream but at least my priorities were in the right order.

What about you?  Do you ever sacrifice your top priorities for the time to feed one of your vices?  No worries!  We all do!  I guess the question should be HOW OFTEN do you sacrifice those top priorities?  Are you ok with that answer?

Make time to write today!  You’ll be glad you did!



About One Strong Southern Girl

I write fitness tips and reviews on exercise videos. I also write young adult fiction. I love tattoos and books. I exercise...a lot. I'm a parent, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. View all posts by One Strong Southern Girl

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