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Who do you want to hang with?

Would you rather spend a weekend with your favorite author, favorite sports star or the President of the United States?

What an impossibly hard decision!!!

I’d think twice, being a former gymnast, if someone dangled Mary Lou Retton in front of me, but I’d have to pass her up to meet one of my favorite authors.  And of course it would be amazing to hang out with the President. (Do we get to ask questions?)

How about you?  Who would you rather pass the time with?

Happy Writing!



Sexy writers and CP’s…

Do you ever wonder when the day will come when you see a writer endorsing makeup or a line of clothing?

I realize that there are many, MANY authors out there who are not hotties but there are also many that could pull it off.  I’d love to see Loreal sign a famous author to endorse their lipstick and give the author’s name and last book deal in the fine print of the ad.  I mean, how many times have you seen an ad and thought, who the hell is that?  Then you read the fine print and find out that they’re an actress/actor.  Why not put a writer in that ad?

I just wish that someone would attempt to glamorize writing.  Just a little bit.  How nice would it be to have hundreds of teenagers want to grow up and be writers (so that they, too, could be in a Cover Girl commercial)….?  Hmmm…I don’t know, maybe it’s too much of a stretch but I think it would be good for the business of writing if there were a few ‘faces’ out there that people could relate to when they thought about authors.

Or do you feel that those kinds of endorsements have no place in this business?  Do you think if you saw a handsome guy in a jeans ad, only to discover he’s not a famous actor but a writer, it would diminish the field in some way?

Would writing seem less respectable somehow because you accidentally thought an author was sexy?  I don’t know.  I’m thinking some hottie in the business might not be so bad….maybe if writing seemed glamorous and sexy it would make reading a little bit more popular than playing a video game (maybe).  What do you think?

Ok, down to business.  Are you looking for one (or another) critique partner/critique group?  A good CP is as valuable as a good pair of running shoes.  A must have to finish the race!  Check out this website for some help

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Did you partake in the WriteOnCon experience?

It was awesome!  I’ve added a link to their website in my blogroll.  If you are currently writing (or plan to write) books for kids (picture books, middle grade and/or young adults) you must go check out this site.

It’s a free experience but you’ll want to donate after you realize the amount of expert advice available here.


Then attack your writing with new ideas and a better understanding of the business of writing for kids!

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Check this out ASAP!

In the words of the host:

WriteOnCon is an Online Children’s Writers Conference (rated MC-18, for Main Characters under 18 only) created by writers, for writers.

The conference is NOW, Aug 16-18, but conference notes can be obtained after the event.

All I can say is, THANK YOU, WriteOnCon, for creating a conference for those of us that are unable to travel to a conference!  We are so happy for this opportunity!  You are appreciated!!

Happy Conferencing!

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Audio or visual

I’ve heard about the audio book debate.  My teenage son (an avid reader) recently added his two cents to the controversy.  He believes that ‘reading’ a book via audio is not truly reading a book.  Being a teenager, I haven’t been able to pull out any reasons that support his opinion but he stands by it, nonetheless.

I disagree.  I listen to audio books regularly.  Initially I felt some guilt about not holding the authors’ book in my hands the way it was meant to be experienced.  However, after hearing hundreds of books over the last several years my opinion has changed.

What is one of the most vital purposes of a novel?  Entertainment.  An audio book allows me to experience every word the author wrote, in all of its literary glory, with an added element of entertainment because of a talented narrator.  I’ve actually come to enjoy some books more in their audio version than I did when I read them.

If you haven’t listened to a novel you should give it a try.  Then weigh in on the debate.  Can you only ‘read’ a book one way?

Keep on writing!