Monthly Archives: July 2011

Time to Write

During a recent conversation with a fellow writer and the president of my fan club (Hi, mom!), I discovered that we hold a mutual fascination with authors who claim to work on their writing projects 8 hours a day.

Every single day?!  How do they do this?

Forget about the dishes, family time, or exercise.  How do these people have time to eat?  When do they shave or put gas in the car?  What do they do on holidays or for vacation?

Are they lying or do they actually author mass quantities of writing projects only to sacrifice a clean, organized environment, a family or social life and personal hygiene?

What about you?  Do you have the time to write 8 hours every day?  How about on any one day?  Are you filled with anxiety that you aren’t able to ‘keep up’ with other authors?  Or are you inspired to work harder??

Every moment you spend writing is an achievement!  Keep on writing!