Time to Write

Over a month has passed since my last entry!  Anxiety!

My life as a parent is invaluable to my existence as a young adult/children’s book writer but that awesome role also leaves me with limited time and energy to devote to the very thing that I long to do (write)…..

Some rambling thoughts….

My writing pendulum normally swings completely towards either young adult fiction or picture books.  My mindset for each is so vastly different that I (normally) find it hard to transition quickly between the two.

However, with my recent time constraints I’m attempting to work on two projects concurrently–a picture book as well as a story for young adults.  Wish me luck!  When I’m knee-deep in editing I’ll decide if it was a bad idea to take on more than one story at at a time.  How about you?  Can you (effectively) tackle more than one story at a time?

One more thing….if you ever read this blog (hi, mom!) then you know I’m a fan of children’s author, former agent, and blogger, Nathan Bransford.  Check out his recent post about how to know when to put a novel to rest (http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2011/05/case-for-putting-manuscript-in-drawer.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+NathanBransford+%28Nathan+Bransford+-+Blog%29 ).

How do you know when to walk away from a story and move on to the next?

Personally, I don’t know that I ever truly bury the stories that I’ve decided are just not quite good enough for publication.  There’s a shelf in my office stacked with completed and partial stories that never made it to a query letter.  I don’t have the heart to throw them out but I recognize that they’re not my best work (a vast understatement).  But those stories do have a place in my journey as a writer so I choose to keep them.

What about you?  Do you throw out your writing mishaps?

Have a great weekend and Keep on Writing!


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I write fitness tips and reviews on exercise videos. I also write young adult fiction. I love tattoos and books. I exercise...a lot. I'm a parent, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. View all posts by One Strong Southern Girl

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