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Painful Realities

An extra-large thigh day, the Athleta ‘Spring Preview’ issue which features bathing suits and the horrible reminder of how close swimsuit-season is, and yet another day that I will struggle as a writer, a painful trifecta that jump-started my Monday. 

Why is it that I cannot feel comfortable in writing as just a hobby?  Why do I feel that I need recognition in the form of a paycheck, however small?  (Actually publication, paycheck or not, would be incredibly fulfilling).  The problem with this longing is that writing could eventually become a source of resentment, a reminder of something that I want desperately to find success in, and yet cannot. 

How do I combat this feeling of impending failure?  Honestly, I don’t know.  I still get excited when I sit down to write.  I think that’s a good sign.  I can’t foresee a day when I won’t look forward to this time, yet, I’m scared that day will come.

Ok, on a completely different subject, what in the world was TLC thinking when they decided ‘My Strange Addiction’ was a good idea?  Why? 

What do you do to combat the ‘writer’s blues’?  Do successful novelists suffer from this condition?  I’m sure they would say that they suffer from some kind of writer’s condition involving mental blocks and not enough time to write because of all of the book-signings and such but it cannot compare to this.  I do hope that every author can remember a time when recognition as a writer was a light so far away that there were days when you’d swear the light had been extinguished while you weren’t looking.

I’ve used this blog to encourage writers to keep going.  Don’t give up.  Bambelela!  Those are mantras to myself as much as to you, the writers out there who persevere.  I’m glad I’m not alone and I wish you success.


A Writer’s Fitness Program

We all have bad writing days.  It’s like a bad workout.  Some days my legs are so full of lead that the most novice workout gives me the feeling that I’ve managed to advance my age 10 years, given gravity a helping hand towards lowering the cellulite in my body that much closer to the center of earth and handed arthritis a red-carpet invitation to party in my most necessary joints a full two decades early.  (Getting old is so fun.)

How is it that one day Chalene (of ‘Turbo Jam’ fame) can leave me with hours of clear-headed creativity one day while leaving me void of all thought other than’why, Chalene? why?’ on other days. (On a side note, I received Chalene’s new ‘Turbo Fire’ workout this Christmas and if you like ‘Turbo Jam’ then you will love this.  It’s ‘Turbo Jam’ on steroids and nothing like her last video workout, ‘ChaLEAN Extreme’, that was only extremely boring and ineffective).

While it’s rare that a workout leaves me feeling less than exhilarated, it’s often that I read over a novel that I’m working on and spend hours doing nothing but deleting.  It’s like some other person periodically invades that small space in my brain that I’ve come to rely on for writing and forces me to type sentence after sentence of embarrassingly awful prose.  So discouraging. 

The cure for a bad workout and a bad writing day are one in the same.  Keep on going.  Do it again. 

If I quit exercising after the first time I needed to administer self-CPR before getting through the warm up (hello, ‘Insanity’) then I’d be one very large (and unhealthy) individual.  Why do I get up the next day and work out again? (Other than the obvious 3 words…cheese, bread, and ice cream)…no wait, seriously, why do I keep doing it to myself?  It’s because I love it.  I love the rewards of having exercise a regular part of my life.  It’s who I am.  

And if I stopped writing after every bad writing day then I would never have finished my first novel and started the second.  I know the world would go on without my novel (as it has every day since I completed it) but my life would be different.  Somehow less fulfilled.  I’m proud of my writing accomplishments thus far (ok, I said it) but if I quit then I will never know just how much more I can accomplish.  Writing is what I do.  It’s part of me.

One more thought…can someone please contact me to film P90X for women?  Oh yeah, it’s a good idea, you know it.  Imagine P90X with less push-ups, a more interesting ab routine, more cardio (Kenpo is fun but not enough) and legs and less Tony Horton.  Think about it.

So, don’t be too discouraged by a bad day of writing.  Re-energize yourself with some rest and a good workout and try again tomorrow.