Back to It

Run around the house naked?  Take a long shower?  Go to the bathroom with the door open?  An uninterrupted workout? A nap? What shall I do now that the entire circus is back at school? 

Way too many mirrors in the house for the naked idea, a long shower after a good workout is a viable option, using the bathroom with the door open loses something when there’s no one else around to care, and a nap during the day is nearly impossible with a mind that cannot rest while the sun is up. 

Actually, I’m excited that with the kids back in school I will now have some time to devote to my next teen novel (as well as streaking through the house while carefully avoiding my own reflection on occasion).  I’ve got a rough outline and a memorable protagonist.  Now, all I have to do is find the energy to do what I love (writing!) when I’m not at the office.  Oh, how nice it must be to earn a living as a writer!



About One Strong Southern Girl

I write fitness tips and reviews on exercise videos. I also write young adult fiction. I love tattoos and books. I exercise...a lot. I'm a parent, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. View all posts by One Strong Southern Girl

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