While in Swaziland this summer I was fortunate enough to hear a powerful, inspiring, beautiful song,  “Bambelela! Never give up!”, they sang.  It was moving.  I truly wish I had the words to explain that moment to you.

Bambelela.  I’ve been thinking about that over the last few weeks as I continue to work on an elusive summary, as well as live every day to its fullest.  It was a short moment but left a lasting impression. 

Think about those moments that have inspired you.  Now write a story that can evoke those feelings in someone else.

Good luck!

And ‘Bambelela!’


About One Strong Southern Girl

I write fitness tips and reviews on exercise videos. I also write young adult fiction. I love tattoos and books. I exercise...a lot. I'm a parent, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. View all posts by One Strong Southern Girl

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