Monthly Archives: July 2010


While in Swaziland this summer I was fortunate enough to hear a powerful, inspiring, beautiful song,  “Bambelela! Never give up!”, they sang.  It was moving.  I truly wish I had the words to explain that moment to you.

Bambelela.  I’ve been thinking about that over the last few weeks as I continue to work on an elusive summary, as well as live every day to its fullest.  It was a short moment but left a lasting impression. 

Think about those moments that have inspired you.  Now write a story that can evoke those feelings in someone else.

Good luck!

And ‘Bambelela!’


Agent Power

‘Agent Power’, it’s the leading weapon in the arsenal for Literary Girl and Publishing Man, and what a power it is! 

How often does Literary Girl stop and think about the pivotal moment in the life of a ‘virgin’ writer when the request for a partial is made?  Does Publishing Man realize that the author may have put their pencil down (or computer aside) that very morning after days of storyline frustration only to be re-inspired by their momentary positive attention?  For some agents it must feel like a heavy weight at times, to know that their decisions have the power to encourage or crush the dreams of an aspiring author.  I guess super powers are like that, though, they can never make everyone happy.

Keep writing! 

Maybe one day you will be visited by Literary Girl or Publishing Man wielding their agent powers on your behalf.