How do they do it?

I managed to plow through most of Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Dead and Alive this weekend (I don’t think these characters compare to Koontz’s Odd Thomas but you have to love Erika 5, Jocko, and Victor) and as always with authors that produce story after story I found myself wondering, how do they do it?  How do they find the time to write in such quantity?  Does Dean Koontz ever experience writer’s block?  Does Nora Roberts ever get consumed by doing her taxes for a week and lose the ‘groove’ that she had going with her storyline before she was sidetracked by her CPA?  I’m guessing that Dean Koontz has indeed experienced a mental block and Nora Roberts has at some time been up to her elbows in laundry, errands and taxes like the rest of us but it’s hard to imagine.  It’s even harder to imagine a time when writing will not be an astronomical feat in time management for me.  Will there be a time when I can actually finish a story without stopping to tend to bills that are due, laundry piling up, a house to clean and kids to take to practice?  It will be a LONG time before that day comes.  In the meantime I will try not to become frustrated with those that seem to find 25 hours in a day to devote to writing and instead find inspiration in the idea they overcame their own obstacles to get to the place they find themselves now. 

After all, these frustrating times will be the inspiration for all of the stories I have yet to write…


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