Great book for writers

I’ve read over 20 books with tips, techniques and rules/suggestions for good writing.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amount of valuable advice that I have to remember from those that have already won the golden ticket (a published novel).  I have a degree in the medical field and I often tell family and friends to be careful how much internet research they do on symptoms because they will soon discover that a headache might be a brain tumor and that nausea might be cancer somewhere in the digestive system.  What it really is is a case of information overload.  Medical professionals (physicians, PAs, NPs, etc) are trained to slim down that very long list of possible diagnoses based on the history the patient provides as well as their physical findings after examining the patient.  Early in my training I was often tormented by the thought of misdiagnosing a headache that really was a brain tumor.  After more training and interacting with more patients I quickly gained confidence to not fear calling a headache a headache (and leaving out the MRI).   Writing is like this, at this point (a member of the ‘unpublished’), I still feel like I may miss the dreaded brain tumor if I don’t read every book out there that’s written to inspire and teach me the writing skills necessary to create a great novel.  I’m currently drowning in information on how to achieve my goal but I’m slowly gaining confidence and learning how to use what applies to me.  A comrade in this journey to publication recommended a book to me recently that (surprise!) I didn’t already own and which has proven to be a refreshingly good book full of advice that works for me.  If you’ve read this entire post waiting for the title then ‘Thank you’, you’ve made it worth it, if you skipped to the last sentence to be rewarded with the title here is the answer to your obvious need for instant gratification…Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain.  I hope it proves to be a valuable addition to your writing reference library as well!


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